Igla (Needle) is an imposing sculpture designed by an architect Milan Šosterič and is located in front of the Music Academy in Zagreb. It is 29 meters high and is one of the most impressive art works that we have had the honour of participating in.

Location: Music Academy in Zagreb
Year built: 2014.
Weight: 4 tons


Supernova commercial center

We participated in the construction of Supernova commercial center by constructing and assembling the steel billboard, steel canopies, roofs structures and facade sub-constructions.

Location: Buzin
Year built: 2013. – 2015.
Weight: 470 tons


Pedestrian overpass

A 101-meter long pedestrian bridge which goes across the railway is the biggest of the sort in Sisak. Its structure invites admiration while serving its primal purpose- provide a safe passage for pedestrians.

Location: Sisak-Caprag
Year built: 2013.
Weight: 78 tons


Ban centar residential-commercial building

We constructed railings and staircases in this building in the center of the city. Black cantilevers give the facade a sense of playfulness and give the tenants a relaxation area during sunny days. Representation of the European Commission resides in this building.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2013.
Weight: 190 tons


Adris group administration building

It was built on the foundations of the former Zagreb Tobacco Factory and became the example of the new city architecture which boldly uses new shapes. Product Bastal participated in this project by constructing steel roof structures, an engine room, elevator shafts and a promenade.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2013.
Težina: 112 tons


Tollgate Zagreb east

The largest tollgate in Croatia with 26 toll stations. The project involved constructing and assembling the complete steel structure. The biggest challenge was the length of the gate which now dominates the eastern entrance to the capital.

Location: Highway A3 Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac
Year built: 2013.
Weight: 355 tons


KFC billboard

A 20-meter high billboard invites hungry travellers to KFC fast food restaurant. Its 15 sq meters of area is an unavoidable landmark for drivers as well as pedestrians.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2013.
Weight: 8,5 tons


PIK Vrbovec

We participated in the construction of PIK Vrbovec production facility by constructing and assembling supporting steel roof structures, facade sub-constructions, walks, staircases and ladders.

Location: Vrbovec
Year bulit: 2011.
Weight: 530 tons


Cvjetni residential and commercial building

Everyone knows the residential and commercial building Cvjetni, which is located in the very center of Zagreb, and it soon become the favourite meeting place for the people of Zagreb and their guests. We participated in this project by constructing staircases, steel structures, elevator shafts, ramp railings but also by decorating the restaurant as well.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2010., 2014.
Weight: 67 tons


Euroherc commercial building

Euroherc commercial building is located along the main road to Velika Gorica. We participated in the project by constructing aluminum facade elements and steel roof structures with covering panels. The most interesting element is the emergency escape staircase.

Location: Velika Gorica
Year built: 2008.
Weight: 59 tons


Hotel International

The steel porch above the entrance to the hotel and the business center is unique as it is the largest canopy in this part of Europe. It is supported by three braces and astonishing 625 sq meters in surface as it reclines to the building with only two pillars. It definitely gives the hotel a very special appearance.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2006.
Weight: 112 tons


Kika commercial center

We participated in this project by constructing steel structures, car parking canopy, entrance, staircases, emergency staircases, spiral staircase railings and roof engine room. A 28-meter high advertising totem pole with a three-sided billboard on two levels, the upper panel being 72 sq meters in surface area and the lower, 24 sq meters.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2005.
Weight: 287 tons


City Center One East/West

When approaching Zagreb from the east or the west, City Center One shopping centers can be seen. We participated in the project by constructing steel structures, black hardware and stainless steel hardware and rounded all up by constructing a promenade.

Locatiob: Zagreb
Year built: 2006., 2012.
Weight: 200 tons


Baumax commercial center

Product Bastal constructed and erected the 30-meter high advertising totem pole with two 98-sq meter billboards on each side We also constructed the center’s sales area steel structures of perforated steel sheet fences 6 meters high and over 180 meters long. The whole project is completed with over 1200 sq meters of steel canopies.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2003.
Weight: 128 tons


Jadransko osiguranje

Jadransko osiguranje administration building project demanded a complete steel roof construction, which is covered with 400 sq meters of steel sheet sandwich-plates.
Location: Zagreb
Year built: 1999.
Weight: 74 tons

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