Tollgate Zagreb east

The largest tollgate in Croatia with 26 toll stations. The project involved constructing and assembling the complete steel structure. The biggest challenge was the length of the gate which now dominates the eastern entrance to the capital.

Location: Highway A3 Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac
Year built: 2013.
Weight: 355 tons

KFC billboard

A 20-meter high billboard invites hungry travellers to KFC fast food restaurant. Its 15 sq meters of area is an unavoidable landmark for drivers as well as pedestrians.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2013.
Weight: 8,5 tons

PIK Vrbovec

We participated in the construction of PIK Vrbovec production facility by constructing and assembling supporting steel roof structures, facade sub-constructions, walks, staircases and ladders.

Location: Vrbovec
Year bulit: 2011.
Weight: 530 tons

Cvjetni residential and commercial building

Everyone knows the residential and commercial building Cvjetni, which is located in the very center of Zagreb, and it soon become the favourite meeting place for the people of Zagreb and their guests. We participated in this project by constructing staircases, steel structures, elevator shafts, ramp railings but also by decorating the restaurant as well.

Location: Zagreb
Year built: 2010., 2014.
Weight: 67 tons

Euroherc commercial building

Euroherc commercial building is located along the main road to Velika Gorica. We participated in the project by constructing aluminum facade elements and steel roof structures with covering panels. The most interesting element is the emergency escape staircase.

Location: Velika Gorica
Year built: 2008.
Weight: 59 tons